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● You can write Kazakh on a Cyrillic keyboard?

But you do not want to actively learn the new Latin script for Kazakh? (Or buy a new keyboard…)

Your solution: Latinizacija! Q

Just continue typing as usual in Cyrillic letters — the programme will transcribe them automatically into Latin letters.

Example: You type Қазақстан and the screen will show Qazaqstan.

You can switch between different spellings: spelling according to the presidential decree (2017), QazAqparat (pre-2017), and three experimental spellings.

Here you can find a detailed documentation: Manual_Latinizacija!_Q.pdf

And here is the program –- either as .exe or zipped as .zip or .7z, depending on your security settings.

For a limited amount of time, the program will be free!!!

The transcription function can be swichtched on/off by typing Windows+т.

Thereby you can quickly change between Cyrillic and Latin, e.g. when using Skype.

Tip: Copy the program to a USB key and use it abroad, e.g in a cyber café.

Only disadvantage: just for Windows (2000/XP/7/8/10) at this point. (I am working on a Mac version.)