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● You can speak Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, or another language in Cyrillic script, and master the touch typing on a Latin keyboard?

● But when your business partners and friends from Eastern Europe expect an e-mail, writing it takes an eternity because of the Cyrillic keyboard layout (e.g. you can no longer see which character is on which key)?

Your solution: Kyrillizacija!

Just continue typing as usual in Latin letters — the programme will transcribe them automatically into Cyrillic letters.

Example: You type oblegchat' and the screen will show облегчать.

For all "hissing sounds" and extra characters there are easy-to-memorise key combinations:

ж  х   ч  ш  щ   ь ъ  э  ю я  ё …

zh kh ch sh shh ' ''  eh ju ja jo

The transcription function can be swichtched on/off by Windows+T.

Thereby you can quickly change between Latin and Cyrillic, e.g. when using Skype.

Tip: Copy the programme to a USB key and use it abroad, e.g in a cyber café.

In addition to Russian, there are other languages available, all with their proper special characters:

  • Bulgarian
  • Ukrainian (by request with Rusyn additional characters)
  • Belarussian
  • Serbian/Macedonian
  • Kazakh
  • Kyrgyz/Mongolian
  • Old Church Slavonic (up to Unicode 13.0 characters)
  • Glagolitic (up to Unicode 13.0 characters, plus caudate chrvi)

Here you can find a detailed documentation: Manual (new test version here)

The price for a licence depends on the number of languages (please specify when ordering).

For the basic version (Russian), it's 29 EUR.

You can order the programme via this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10.


Kyrillizacija! is used e.g. by:


University of Heidelberg, Slavic Institute


Uni Freiburg


University of Freiburg, Slavonic Seminar



Eastblok Music



Memorial Germany



Humboldt Foundation



Orell Füssli Kartographie

  European Standards Consulting


Comments by satisfied customers (translated):

“Thank you very much for the program! After a break of several years, I have to say again that the program is quite fantastic. I am really overjoyed that I can use Old Church Slavonic symbols again!”

“Your programme flies! Until now I adapted the keyboard layout to Latin with some other programme, but yours is much better. Firstly it is much easier to install, secondly all Cyrillic characters are now accessible via the Latin keyboard, and thirdly you have also the Ukrainian characters included that I need all the time. Thank you and kudos from Kyiv!”

“Your programme comes right on cue, as I am currently writing a Russian abstract of my diploma thesis and am not very familiar with the Cyrillic keyboard.”

“Continuing kudos for the creation of such a multilingual programme that saves you especially expenditure of time. The transition from one language to the next works simply wonderfully.”

“We utilise your Kyrillizacija to our great advantage.”

“Again thank you very much indeed for your great tools that can definitively make life easier for us.”

“Hereby I award you (even though we haven't met) the honorary title 'Hero of Labour'! Many thanks for your Cyrillic programme!”

“СУПЕР!!! ;-) Great!”

“Привет! Работает! Ето отшен харашо! Спосибо! Only the proper hissing sounds I still have to figure out. Thank you very much indeed! This is really excellent!”

“Your programme is really a big help. Simply good. Many, many thanks!”

“Excellent programme, really great!”