What are special characters?

Help, special characters! – Introduction

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How do I add Polish special characters in my homework on Wałęsa and the Solidarność movement?

Why do I sometimes get emails with some weird characters? (Schöne Grüße)

Why does my identity card say “Francois”, although I'm written “François”?

Here you will find everything you need to know about dealing with Latin special characters!

culturally technically legally

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Why “help”?

Many special characters are not present on physical keyboards.

Therefore, I invented a software that turns ASCII characters — characters that are present on virtually every keyboard –- into special characters.

No digging around in endless tables and such.

Interested?Special characters help “Šibboleth


Incidentally, I also have developed a Cyrillic-help (for people who want to continue using the Latin keyboard they are used to) → Cyrillic help “Kyrillizacija!”



If you want to get deeper into the topic special characters, I recommend you my book:

Kappenberg, Bernd: Setting Signs for Europe / Why Diacritics Matter for European Integration




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