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Help, special characters! – Special characters help Šibboleth©

A service from special characters help

Šibboleth© 5.0 is the best input help for European Latin characters available at the moment:

● not change the keyboard driver needed

● no numerical codes!

● no tedious searching within the special character menu

● also available in e-mail windows, Internet browsers, file names, and form fields

● intuitive and easy-to-learn operation

The program can generate all European latin special characters from any Latin keyboard

(German special characters, Spanish special characters, …).

You enter the basic characters (as required in upper or lower case), then the ASCII surrogate of diacritical, and then press the pound key (#):

e: e- e& e< … plus pound gives ë ē ę ě …

c< z< n< r< … plus pound gives č ž ň ř …

(The pound key functions here as a Compose key, like it is used under Linux.)

The license costs 20 € for home users. Price for universities and companies on request.

The program can be ordered under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A detailed documentation can be found here.

System Requirements: OS Windows

Šibboleth© is among others used by:


University of Salzburg, Department of Slavonic Studies


Uni Freiburg


University of Freiburg, Slavonic Seminar



LMU Munich, Slavonic Seminar




Virtual Library Eastern Europe


Uni Tübingen


University of Tübingen, Slavonic Seminar



Rosa Luxemburg Foundation


Comments from satisfied customers:

“I am very impressed. The idea is really good”

“It worked; to see the » tails « is a treat!!”

“The special characters help is indeed a blessing! And functions so beautifully! Thanks, a real asset!”

“Congratulations on your idea! I am a Romanian- and Hungarian-sign user, and it is really quite tedious to work with inserting symbols. I immediately tried your software… and it works. Thank you so much for the workload easement…”

“Very good and actually long overdue idea! I am responsible for the OstNet database under the Virtual Library Eastern Europe, so I must constantly switch between keyboard layouts and can hence make very good use of your program.”

“Thank you for facilitating typing, great thing!”

“First of all thanks very much for the program! A whole generation of Slavonic students has been waiting for such a program.”

“I have been waiting a long time for this! ... It even works in E-mail applications. So — great thing! Many thanks again!”

“I want to give expression to my admiration for this great program! THANK YOU!! Have been often in the situation to be annoyed about the absence of such an application, although more likely in the environment of the Spanish ñ or vice versa in Spain the German umlauts.”

“I am looking for something just like that for a long time; it annoys me terribly that I can not write Polish letters on the PC, at least not quickly, but only with the symbol function of Word!”

“Congratulations for the successful program."

“I am excited about your Sibboleth programs that I got to know via the mailing list Slav-mail, where your JOE-mails also could be read. My work at my student job for computers at the Tübingen Slavic seminar will the tools surely facilitate, as I can skip installing additional keyboard drivers in most cases now.”

“Installation went actually by itself, and now I finally am able to do Czech special characters — works without problems, so far I am very happy :)))) I shall spread the word!”