Diacritics and the German dictionary

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By some editorial offices, is alleged that the German spelling rules would allow no other diacritics than the German (and if necessary the French).

But in fact, the German dictionary (Duden, Die deutsche Rechtschreibung, 22. edition, ISBN 3-411-04012-2) spell for example ČSFR and Dvořák with the correct Czech diacritics.

The notation without diacritics (CSFR, Dvorak) is thus ortographically clearly wrong.

Especially in terms of personal names, the dictionary emphasizes that those are not subject to the general rules of spelling, but here applies the defined writing set by the [registration office] (and it is well known that this [prohibits] omitting diacritical marks).

Name spellings like Potocnik (instead of Potočnik) or Spidla (instead of Špidla) are therefore not compliant with the German spelling rules.